Welcome to Natural Hypnobirth

  • Are you interested in using self hypnosis for labour and childbirth?
  • Do you want to be in control of your birth?
  • Are you looking for an easy, comfortable, and yet drug-free birth?

HypnoBirthing is the answer.

Now with over twenty years of experience, HypnoBirthing is a complete antenatal education programme. Our birthing classes are intended to help you have the most natural childbirth possible.  Whether you are planning a home birth or hospital birth, HypnoBirthing can help.

HypnoBirthing is a rewarding, relaxing and stress-free method of birthing that is based on the belief that all babies should come into the world in an atmosphere of gentility, calm and joy.  When a mother is properly prepared for birthing both physically and mentally, she can experience birthing her baby in an easier, more comfortable and even pain-free manner.

Through a well-established programme of deep relaxation, self-hypnosis and education, HypnoBirthing returns a woman to the art of birthing in a way that allows her to summon her natural birthing instincts and to birth her baby in safety and with ease.  HypnoBirthing is based on the belief that severe discomfort does not need to be a natural accompaniment of birthing.